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  • The MH Burn vs %Complete metrics has helped identify project over-runs very early (within the first 30 days). This enables transparency with leadership about project health.

  • The dashboard allows customization. For example, HeavyJob measures man-hours through a performance factor, but we customized a cost performance factor. In some cases, we exceeded man-hour budgets yet stayed within cost budgets.

  • The generated graphs illustrate project progression. We use MH/Unit metrics to measure As-Bid vs As-Executed. The graphs show if improvement plans worked over time.

  • The dashboard weights cost codes, enabling project managers to focus on high-impact codes.

  • The dashboard compares your forecast to HeavyJob's calculated forecast for improved accuracy.

  • The dashboard identifies overtime cost codes and crafts over the project lifespan. This allows discussions with teams to better manage time.

  • The dashboard easily provides headcounts per cost code and craft—information customers often request.

  • The dashboard compiles HeavyJob data at customized granularity levels—from overall project to specific cost codes. It measures expected and actual productivity over time and generates an EAC at multiple levels.

  • Centralized access enables stakeholders visibility anytime.

  • We often review the cost/MH (bid vs. actual) to catch labor craft mismanagement within codes and enable communication between managers and superintendents.

  • The real-time dashboard highlights high-risk codes for rapid field decision-making.

  • Renee Hand, Director Project Management - Southeast Connections
  • Dusty Elrod, Project Manager - Southeast Connections
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