Gain instant visibility into your heavy construction projects with our game-changing dashboards.
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Insight simplifies heavy construction

Construction Project manager leveraging data analytics to remediate project
Construction Project manager leveraging data analytics to remediate project
Empower HCSS software users with real-time data visibility to minimize risks, control outcomes, and protect profits
Testimonial: The dashboard easily provides headcounts per cost code and payclass—information customers often request" - Renee Hand, Director Project Management (Southeast connections)

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Experience the power of instant visibility into your construction operations. You can access and analyze your heavy construction projects data in real-time using standard APIs, revolutionizing your decision-making process.

The setup is remarkably simple – it takes less than 30 minutes! All your Admin needs to do is create read-only access to HCSS APIs. Don't worry; this access can be revoked anytime with a single click.

Insights for Everyone: Allow every member of your project team to track and understand program and project data.

Project Views: Get a detailed look at what’s already happened, what’s going on now, what might happen in the future, and what you can do to improve.

Reporting: Enable real time reporting in even the largest mega-projects - with no impact on system performance.

We will ingest three of your key project's data of your choice in less than four hours, populating pre-built dashboards with game-changing insights

Insights catalog...

Manpower Utilization: Get a clear picture of how many labor hours are being consumed on each project, allowing you to optimize resource allocation and prevent overruns.

Quantity Installed vs. Cost: Gain visibility into the progress of work completed in relation to the associated costs, helping you monitor project profitability and identify potential cost overruns early.

Labor Productivity: Track the quantity of work completed by your labor force, enabling you to assess productivity levels and identify areas for improvement.

Labor Budget Performance: Monitor variances between the budgeted and actual labor costs, both for the remaining work (Estimate at Completion - EAC) and the work performed to date (Period to Date - PTD).

Labor Cost Impact: Understand the impact of labor rates and construction management costs on your project's bottom line, both for the current period and cumulatively.

Schedule Performance: Evaluate the project's overall schedule performance factor, giving you insights into whether you're ahead or behind the planned schedule.

Cost Code Efficiency: Analyze the performance of individual cost codes, allowing you to identify areas of strength and weakness in your estimating and project execution.

Peak Workforce: Monitor the maximum number of employees on site each day, helping you plan for site logistics, safety, and resource requirements.

Overtime Exposure: Keep track of total overtime hours worked, enabling you to manage labor costs and potential productivity impacts.

Remaining Cost Forecast: Get an up-to-date estimate of the remaining costs required to complete the project, supporting proactive cost management decisions.

Remaining Labor Forecast: Understand the labor costs still needed to finish the project, helping you plan for resource allocation and cash flow management.


"Construction labor represents one of the biggest costs in any building project, accounting for 50-60% of total expenses for some contract types. Managing labor effectively is key to budget control and profitability. Labor costs encompass more than just wages—companies also need to factor in hiring, training, benefits, payroll taxes, paid time off, and other overhead. With the ongoing shortage of skilled construction workers, labor costs and planning have become even more crucial and complex."

Zentroq is dedicated to empowering heavy construction leaders with real-time data visibility, enabling proactive, unified insights, and decisions. Our intuitive Critical Action Center and Insights Catalog centralize metrics across functions, improving risk management, oversight, and cross-team alignment, ultimately transforming complex projects into on-budget, on-time outcomes. We progress through purpose-built simplicity.

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